“It is through others that we become ourselves.”

– John Dewey
Core Pillars

Children’s natural curiosity is placed at the core of our practice. We encourage children to become inquisitive learners by following their own curiosities while sustaining positive relationships with people and developing their citizenship skills in a democratic environment.


Children’s natural curiosity is a great source of learning and development. In the early years, children should be given time and freedom to explore and make sense of the world in their own ways. Therefore, We encourage children to become the creator of their own learning, to extend their curiosities and discover knowledge through free flow play, explorative and hands-on learning activities.


Learning, especially in the early years, does not happen in isolation but it is rather the interactions and exchanges with those around them that young children learn and develop. We value positive relationships with parents, children, and our staff members. We prioritise establishing a partnership with all parents to ensure that every child’s unique learning and developmental needs are met. As a learning community, we also carry out collaborative activities and projects where children, families and the community can come together to share knowledge and expand learning opportunities.


We see children as competent and active members of a democratic society. We believe that children’s voices and perspectives should be listened to and valued. Therefore, we involve children in the decision making to empower children to exercise their choices. Positive social behaviour and citizenship are encouraged and promoted in our learning environment to foster children’s respect and appreciation of diversity.

Our Curriculum (EYFS)

Play is important for children as it takes up a large part of their childhood experiences. When children play, they get to navigate their ways into the world by exploring and experimenting with the surrounding environment. In the early years, play is one of the richest source of children’s learning and development. Children do not see play and learning as separate.

Our approach is deeply rooted in our vision, values and core pillars. Therefore, children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore the world lies at the foundation of our curriculum and pedagogical practice. The curriculum we offer at Curious Kind incorporates play with the principles of emergent curriculum where teaching and learning experiences are responsive to children’s growing interests and curiosities. We are guided by the learning goals of the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum along with our own unique approach emphasising the importance of Curiosity, strong Relationships and Democracy.